Cell Regeneration编辑部招聘一名海外副主编

来源: 时间:2021-06-19

   Recruiting Position:Vice Editor-in-Chief

  The Chinese Society for Cell Biology (CSCB) is one of the leading scientific organizations in China with over 15,000 members. The CSCB is dedicated to serving the scientific community, and educating the general public in cell biology and biomedicine.

  Cell Regeneration is a fully Open Access journal officially affiliated with the CSCB. The journal aims to provide a worldwide platform for researches on stem cells and regenerative biology to develop basic science and to foster its clinical translation in medicine. To help build on the success of Cell Regeneration and to explore more exciting opportunities representing the journal outside of China, we’re seeking a part-time Vice Editor-in-Chief. A competitive honorarium will be offered based on candidate's experience.

  We expect that the Vice Editor-in-Chief will recruit high-quality papers and increase the impact of the journal. The candidate will be also expected to coordinate with the Editor-in-Chief to oversee manuscript review and make the first decision for manuscript reviewing. The Vice Editor-in-Chief will be assisted by our professional in-house editorial office.

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  Mian responsibilities:

  •   To commission high quality, topical articles and special issues.

  •   To assess and handle some manuscripts.

  •   To develop and maintain a network of authors and readers outside of China.

  •   To increase the international visibility of the journal.

  Selection criteria for the Vice Editor-in-Chief:

  •   Current academic employment in a tenured or equivalent faculty position at a research university or institution. Candidates outside of China will be preferred.

  •   Familiarity with Cell Regeneration’s aims and scope; Professional expertise, interest and experience in appropriate contents relevant to the journal. Involvement with the journal as a previously published author, reviewer, associate editor or editorial board member will be preferred.

  •   A passion for scientific journals publishing with a good interpersonal relationship in the related scientific community.

  The successful candidate will play an important role as the representative of Cell Regeneration, especially at the outside of China. The candidate will liaise extensively with experts in the international scientific community. We do expect the Vice Editor-in-Chief attends the editorial board meeting of Cell Regeneration. The expenses of the travel to China will be covered.

  Application should include the following:

  •   A letter of application that addresses how the applicant meets the selection criteria and the vision for the journal, up to two pages.

  •   A curriculum vita.

  •   Please send all the materials to: EIC-cellreg@cscb.org.cn

  The Chinese Society for Cell Biology, Room 11F3, JuneYao International Plaza, No. 789 Zhaojiabang, Shanghai 200032, China



  中国细胞生物学学会 (CSCB) 是中国领先的科学组织之一,拥有超过 15,000 名成员。CSCB 致力于为科学界服务,并在细胞生物学和生物医学方面对公众进行科普教育。

  Cell Regeneration是由CSCB主办的开放获取型的科技期刊。该期刊旨在为干细胞和再生生物学的研究提供一个全球化的交流平台,发展该领域内的基础科学并促进其在医学上的临床转化。为促进 Cell Regeneration的国际化发展,CSCB全球公开招聘一名兼职的副主编。我们将根据候选人的经验提供有竞争力的酬金。


  Cell Regeneration网址:




  •   邀请高质量的论文投稿;委任或组织特刊专辑。

  •   负责部分稿件的评审工作。

  •   在海外为Cell Regeneration期刊建立起良好的作者和读者群网络。

  •   提高期刊的国际知名度。


  •   目前在大学或科学研究机构拥有终身教职或同等教职的科研工作者。海外的候选人将被优先考虑。

  •   了解Cell Regeneration的定位和宗旨,对其相关领域内的内容有专业知识和研究经验。

  •   对科学论文的出版工作有热情,感兴趣;在相关领域的学术圈内拥有良好的人际关系网络。

  我们诚邀全球相关领域内的候选人加入Cell Regeneration。此职位(副主编)将代表Cell Regeneration期刊与国际科学界的专家进行广泛的联络,带领期刊的海外发展。我们也诚邀此职位(副主编)来中国参加的Cell Regeneration的编委会会议,乐意承担相关旅行的费用。


  •    一封申请信,最多两页。

  •    简历。


  The Chinese Society for Cell Biology, Room 11F3, JuneYao International Plaza, No. 789 Zhaojiabang, Shanghai 200032, China