Cell Regeneration编辑部招聘一名科学编辑

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  Cell Regeneration 是中国细胞生物学学会主办的一本全英文,目标高水平国际化的科技期刊。现因工作需要面向国内外公开招聘1名全职科学编辑加入Cell Regeneration的专业编辑人才团队, 工作地点为上海。

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  请应聘者将申请材料,包括个人中、英文简历(包括发表文章目录、近期工作或生活照),学历证明及其它相关资格证书复印件、工作设想等应聘材料等,通过电子邮件发送至:eic-cellreg@cscb.org.cn,邮件主题注明“Cell Regeneration编辑应聘”。薪酬待遇视个人具体经历面谈商定,面试时间另约。


  Recruiting Position:Scientific Editor

  Working Location: Shanghai, China

  Cell Regeneration is an English scientific journal published by the Chinese Society for Cell Biology, aiming to become a premium international journal publishing high-quality articles in modern biology, especially in the field of stem cell and the basic research of regenerative science. We are currently recruiting a full-time scientific editor to join the Cell Regeneration team in Shanghai. A competitive salary and benefits will be provided, depending on the background and experiences.

  Successful candidates will be involved in editorial daily work.

  Website address:


  Scan the QR code to access the website

  Responsibilities will include:

  1. Initially assessing submitted papers, sending out for peer review, and summarizing review opinions.

  2. Actively interacting with front-line researchers, and commissioning a diverse variety of insightful review- and commentary-type content and high-level research papers, etc.

  3. Writing academic news, preparing English publicity materials, etc., and promoting the journal globally.

  4. Providing immediate and satisfactory supports to the Editor-in-Chief and Deputy Editor-in-Chief in all aspects of journal related work.

  Preferred qualifications:

  1.The expertise with a Ph.D. in cell biology, biochemistry, molecular genetics, or related areas. Education background or work experience in stem cells or organ regeneration would be a plus.

  2.A strong publication record in the recognized scientific journals. At least one first-author publication in the well-known journals is required for applying for this position.

  3.The ability to successfully work independently after training. Prior editorial experience would be preferred but not required.

  4. A good command of Chinese and English in writing and editing, a keen interest in science and editorial work, and a good sense of responsibility and collaboration.

  Applicants interested in this position please send the application materials, including a Curriculum Vitae (in English and Chinese, with a photo), copies of your publications and other relevant certificates, and personal statement to: eic-cellreg@cscb.org.cn (subject: Cell Regeneration Editor Application).